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Guardrail, Wire Rope and Roadway Safety Barriers

Highway Safety

Highway Safety Barriers available from Webforge

Roadsides should be always kept clear from hazards and be designed with sufficient clear zones to allow errant motorists to recover control of their vehicles and stop or return to the roadway safely.

Sometimes it is impossible to clear roadsides from all hazards, especially when there are solitary fixed objects and embankment slopes. This is where highway safety barriers are used to reduce the consequences of an errant vehicle departing from the roadway. The safety goal is met when the road feature either contains and redirects the vehicle away from a roadside hazard, decelerates the vehicle to a safe stop, readily breaks away, fractures or yields.

In order to cater to safety requirements, Webforge manufactures public domain safety barriers such as W-Beam barriers (Ingal Guardrail) and Type 1-4 end terminals system which conform to guidelines from national road authority. In addition, Webforge also provides proprietary systems such as Ingal Ezy-Guard™, X-Tension™ and X-Lite® that have been crash tested according to AASHTO’s Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) and National Cooperative Highway Research program (NCHRP) Report 350.

Please contact your local Webforge office to discuss the requirements of your project.

Guardrail and end terminal for highway safety applications:

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