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Ingal Guardrail Safety Barriers

Webforge offers this public domain guardrail system for highway safety that consists of a w-beam and is usually supported by a post (U-Post , C-post , I-Post or Timber).

As the world’s most widely specified road safety barrier, the w-beam is in accordance to American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) M180.

Guardrail barriers provide semi-rigid protection to shield motorists from hazards located close to the edge of the traveled way. The most common guardrail system consists of a steel w-beam rail (also known as armco) on steel posts with end treatments and transitions of various designs using similar materials.

The full system of w-beam guardrail and steel post and blocking piece (e.g., W-beam and U-Post system, as shown in the photo) is classified as a semi-rigid barrier.


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