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Ingal Ezy-Guard Guardrail System for Highway Safety

Ezy-Guard Smart101

Ingal Ezy-Guard™ Highway Barrier Safety System

Webforge offers the Ingal Ezy-Guard guardrail system. Ezy-Guard highway safety barriers impose lower forces to the impacting vehicle than traditional guardrail.

Changing the concept of how traditional w-beam guardrail works, Ingal Ezy-Guard™ uses a unique ‘Z’ shaped steel post which connects to the w-beam guardrail panel via a slot in carriage. The Ezy-carriage has the ability to move within the slot on Z-post. An Ezy-Carriage is used to secure the w-beam to Z-posts and eliminate the requirement for blocking pieces and rail stiffening plates. This unique connection provides a soft ride-down for occupants and smooth vehicle containment and redirection.

Designed in Australia, Ezy-Guard™ guardrail crash barriers impose lower forces to the impacting vehicle than traditional guardrail crash barriers. As the crash barrier deflects, vehicle impact energy is dissipated and as a result, reduces occupant risk. The ductile Z-posts provide a forgiving impact, reducing ride-down deceleration forces and minimising vehicle damage.

The Z-post profile shields post edges from vulnerable road users and provides sectional strength when driving through difficult ground conditions.

Ezy-Guard™ has been crash tested and evaluated according to the specifications of the AASHTO Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) TL3. In the crash test, Ingal Ezy-Guard™ has demonstrated containment and re-direction of a 2,270kg pick-up traveling at 100km/h and impacting at 25° to the barrier. The MASH specification is an update to and supersedes NCHRP Report 350 for evaluating new safety hardware devices since 2009.

Ezy-Guard™ has been accepted by the road authorities in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia (LLM), Brunei and many other countries.  

Ingal Ezy-Guard™ System

Metric Units

Ezy-Guard Smart Z-Post Length

1,600 mm

Rail Height Above Ground

730 mm

Z-Post Height Above Ground

720 mm

Z-Post Spacing

2,000 mm

Ezy-Guard™ Smart system Width

200 mm

End terminals should be installed in accordance with the proprietor’s drawings and specifications. Z-posts are not to be used in the terminals unless approved by the proprietor. Please see subject below End Terminals for more information on our proprietary systems that are suitable for Ezy-Guard™.

Please click here for more information on Valmont Highway Armorflex End Terminals suitable for Ezy-Guard™.


Ingal Ezy-Guard™ Highway Safety Barrier Features

  • MASH TL3 Compliant, crash tested ; hence safety performance is proven
  • Narrow system width of only 200mm; hence saves valuable space
  • No blocking piece (packer) ; hence easier to install & repair
  • Flexible and smooth vehicle containment; hence softer impact to errant vehicle and occupant
  • Z-post profile comprises smooth rounded edges and the above ground height of Z-post is lower than w-beam, unlike the traditional U-post; hence reducing the risk to vulnerable road users like motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyslists.
  • Energy absorbing, ductile Z-post due to the designed yielding/ bending action; thus reducing the risk from the impact of wheel snaggingon the Z-post

Please click here for more information on the Ingal Ezy-Guard™ guardrail system.

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